Frequently Asked Questions

Why is YYSC better?

Well we're kinda partial, but:

1) We have a great selection of razors and other автобусные экскурсии из СПб items for Great Prices.

2) We have Women's as well as Men's razors.

3) We have Name Brand razors (like Gillette & Schick) at better prices then the stores. 

4) They are delivered to you for FREE!

Shall we go on?...

How does it all work?

Very Simple, choose a razor and any other products you want delivered,  then signup and receive your order as requested in about 1 -2 weeks. Then get Monthly, Every Other Month or Every 3 Month shipments as you request.

How and when do you charge my card? 

We try to charge your credit card on or about the same day every month give or take a couple days due to holidays and weekends.

Do You have a membership fee?

Nope, Never,

You pay for ONLY the razors and product you order and that's it.

How long do I have to keep my membership?

Hopefully you will remain a member forever, but if you do choose to suspend you shipments, You may do so at any time. There are no term requirements.

When do you ship?

We ship within a few days after you signup and place your order. We will then ship the same order the following month or as you request.

Where do you ship from?

We have two shipping locations, Orlando , FL and Aurora, IL

Can I change my razor section?

Of Course, at any time you can contact us to change you monthly shipments.

Can I order a new handle.

Sure, just contact us and let us know.