About Us

Yin Yang

Yin is female or earth.
Yang is male or heaven.
Being opposite and complementary.

It's like this - https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Saint_Petersburg/4714-kronshtadt/, we are a US company based out of Central Florida.  Yin Yang Shave Club supplies you with some of the best, top quality men's, women's and Name Brand razors available today and they are delivered right to your home every month, bi-monthly or every 3 months. We are also dedicated to offering the best customer service possible! All for less than it would cost to drive to the store and pick them up. We didn't forget about the ladies either, some companies expect women to use a men's razor, but we offer top quality women's razors designed just for you!

So, what about all those other razor guys, you ask?

Our videos don't include bear costumes and forklifts, but we do have some great videos coming real soon. What we do have is a great selection of top quality razors at unbelievably great prices! 

Give us a try an see what all the fuss is about, you'll be glad you did!